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2017 Submissions

Party Girl CVR Pop Song
The Devil Don't Care Heavy Metal Song
I'm Sorry (Acoustic) Grunge Song

2015 Submissions

Sleepless in Alberta 2007 Grunge Song
Bricks Mastered Punk Song
Animals Grunge Song
Billy B Grunge Song
Bricks (WIP) Punk Song
Billy Badass (demo) Grunge Song
The Lonely - Like Glass Demo General Rock Song
Symptoms (PREVIEW) Pop Song
Right Where You... Grunge Song
Right Where You Want Me To Be Goth Song
FIxtures (WIP) Grunge Song
What a Wonderful World (WIP) Indie Song
Veiw From the Highrise (WIPFX) Grunge Song
View From The Highrises (WIP) Grunge Song
Riding the Breaks (old rough) Grunge Song
Inside of You (cover) Classic Rock Song
New Piano Song (WIP) Classical Song
IS - Dangerous (chipmunk remix Punk Song
Entry Wound (Live) In Spades Grunge Song
Set For A Collision Punk Song
Entry Wound WIP Grunge Song
Regrets Last Forever Grunge Song
Stars - In Spades Punk Song
Regrets - In Spades Punk Song
New Tune (WIP) Punk Song
Coffee Shop Soundtrack Grunge Song
No Name Music... Classic Rock Song
Baby, Go All In (redone) Punk Song
Common Cold Shoulder (Cover) Grunge Song
Gradute (REMIX) Miscellaneous Song
Knives and Pens (Instrumental) Grunge Song
There's No Resisting White G.. Heavy Metal Song
Something To Break Grunge Song
The Truth About Heaven (Cover) Punk Song
What Up Playa? Grunge Song
Baby, Go All In Indie Song
The Accident Scene Grunge Song
Bleed (One More Chance) Grunge Song
The Restart Grunge Song
A Reason to Believe Live Pop Song
Name It Grunge Song
A Reason To Believe (NEW) Indie Song
Wake Up... Heavy Metal Song
You Think This Is Funny, Son? Heavy Metal Song
Fix Me Tonight Indie Song
Falling - (NEW) Indie Song
1000 Miles Cover Preview Pop Song
A Reason Why (Y&C) Grunge Song
K - New Version, Unmastered Grunge Song
Stay Golden General Rock Song
Sick and Lonely (Faking it) Grunge Song
Truth in Lies (instramental) General Rock Song
Truth In Lies Pop Song
guitar thinger.alt. rock. General Rock Song
Speaking the Truth Punk Song
When We Go (Old Song) Blues Song
Make Believe (original ver.) Grunge Song
I'll Bury you - Y&C Grunge Song
Stepping out - Y&C Grunge Song
"K" - Y&C Grunge Song
Fix You Grunge Song
cakewalk GT 4 demo General Rock Song
Fire Away (Demo) - Y & C Punk Song
Without You - Y&C Grunge Song
Make Beleive -Instrumental Y&C General Rock Song
Make Believe by Y&C General Rock Song
Liar (With VOCALS) Heavy Metal Song
Liar (Y&C) Better Drums Heavy Metal Song
Liar (Y&C) Heavy Metal Song
Piano Song Pt 2 Classical Song
Piano Song PT1 Classical Song
This Nightmare Grunge Song
Bring the Rain (Revolutin) Y&C Grunge Song
Party Time! (TricksR4Chicks) Pop Song
Epiphany (Y&C) Pop Song
Star-Crossed Story-Teller Pop Song
Blish and Bliss Pop Song
Life on the Murder Scene General Rock Song